Baseball team gives back to the community

Baseball team gives back to the community

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- The Huntingdon baseball team recently teamed up with the Salvation Army to provide Christmas presents for children in the Montgomery area.

With the help of Patrick Reynolds, the Coordinator of Community Service for Huntingdon Student Life, players and coaches, purchased and donated presents for local children.

"This is just our way to give back to the community," head coach D.J. Conville said. "We wanted to do something good for the children and bring them a smile at Christmas."

Every player on the baseball team participated in trying to make Christmas a little brighter for the Montgomery-area youngsters.

"We've all been blessed and we wanted to pitch in and try to be a blessing to others at Christmas time," Huntingdon senior shortstop Landon Sessions said. "These kids were not going to have anything for Christmas, so we wanted to try and help make Christmas special for them."

Senior outfielder Patrick Kucera said giving to help others is what Christmas is all about.

"Jesus gave His life for us, so for us to be able to give back to others in the community is awesome," Kucera said. "We were all kids at one point and we didn't have everything we have now, so it's nice to do this as a team and be able to help give back."

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