Athletes of the Year

Zach Golson - Male Student Athlete of the Year
Nicole Weldon - Female Student Athlete of the Year
Lee Nalley - Male Scholar Athlete of the Year
Ashley Neely - Female Scholar Athlete of the Year
Jessica Reeves - John McWilliams Sportsmanship Award
Dusti Doss - Megan Cook Memorial Award
John Walters
 - Huntingdon College Distinguished Service Award



Taylor Files—Team Captain Award
Craig Womack—Team Captain Award
Brent Nichols—Team Captain Award
Brent Blackwell—Academic Excellence Award


Additional Baseball Honors

Taylor Files—GSAC All-Conference Team
Adam Shipp—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Brad Vest—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Drew Harrell—GSAC All-Freshmen Team
Kyle Eller—GSAC All-Academic Team
Brent Nichols—GSAC All-Academic Team
Brent Blackwell—GSAC All-Academic Team
Chris Knight—GSAC All-Academic Team
Jason Olinger—GSAC All-Academic Team
John Otterson—GSAC All-Academic Team
Dylan Ruppel—GSAC All-Academic Team
Alex Sanford—GSAC All-Academic Team


Men’s Basketball

Jeremy Pittman—Most Valuable Player
Justin Powell—Most Outstanding Defensive Player
Alfonzo Frazier—Most Improved
Jeremy Driver—Academic Excellence Award

Additional Men's Basketball Honors

Jeremy Pittman—GSAC All-Conference Team
Jeremy Driver—GSAC All-Academic Team
Adam Cotant—GSAC All-Academic Team
Caleb Schmidt—GSAC All-Academic Team
Heath Miller—GSAC All-Academic Team


Women's Basketball

Patsy Slater—Captain’s Award
Paige Huff—Captain’s Award
Ashton Salter—3D Award
Kirsten Kline—Breakthrough Player

Additional Women's Basketball Honors

Lori Bonds—GSAC All-Conference Team
Paige Huff—GSAC All-Academic Team
Brittany Walden—GSAC All-Academic Team
Tera Moore—GSAC All-Academic Team
Dusti Doss—GSAC All-Academic Team
Tiffany Jordan—GSAC All-Academic Team
Kayla Schuran—GSAC All-Academic Team 



Eric Cagle—Team Captain Award
Cliff Groce—Team Captain Award
Zach Golson—Team Captain Award
Larry Hudson—Team Captain Award
Broderick Smith—Team Captain Award
Granger Shook—Team Captain Award
Justin Nelson—Academic Excellence Award

Additional Football Honors

Will Brannon—NFF National Honor Society
C.J. Easterly—NFF National Honor Society
Cliff Groce—NFF National Honor Society
Matt Thompson—NFF National Honor Society
Zach Golson—NFF National Honor Society
Justin Nelson—NFF National Honor Society
Will Smith—NFF National Honor Society
Bryan Wells—NFF National Honor Society



Josh Moore—Coach’s Award
Casey Martin—Hardest Worker Award
Lee Nalley—Academic Excellence Award
Chase Rogers—Most Valuable Player

Men’s Soccer

Chris Saba—Coach’s Most Valuable Player
Andrew McNamara—Player’s Most Valuable Player, Academic Excellence Award
Matt Tabor—Most Improved Player

Additional Men's Soccer Honors

Chris Saba—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Jack Vibbert—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Jesse Kehler—GSAC All-Freshman Team
Ryan Henry—GSAC All-Freshman Team
Tim Cole—GSAC All-Academic Team
Andrew McNamara—GSAC All-Academic Team


Women's Soccer

Courtney Fredenburg—Coach’s Most Valuable Player
Sarah Frampton—Academic Excellence Award
Chelsey Hodge—Leadership Award
Alison King—Colleen Platt Walker Inspirational Award

Additional Women's Soccer Honors

Alison King—GSAC All-Academic Team
Chelsey Hodge—GSAC All-Academic Team



Kayla Bratcher—Outstanding Pitching Award
Nicole Hill—Outstanding Pitching Award
Fe Gulledge—Outstanding Defense Award
Lacy Carlile—Outstanding Offense Award
Casey Chrietzberg—Outstanding Leadership Player
Meagan McCollum—Academic Excellence Award

Additional Softball Honors

Jessica Reeves—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Casey Chrietzberg—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Lacy Carlile—GSAC All-Conference Team
Ashley Blocker—GSAC All-Freshman Team
Brooke Berry—GSAC All-Freshman Team
Fe Gulledge—GSAC All-Academic Team
Kayla Bratcher—GSAC All-Academic Team
Meagan McCollum—GSAC All-Academic Team


Men's Tennis

Glenn Rudolph—Most Valuable Player, Academic Excellence Award
Kent Hagan—Coach’s Award
Dalton Allen—Most Improved Award

Additional Men's Tennis Honors

Glenn Rudolph—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
B.J. Foroughian—GSAC All-Conference Team, All-Freshman Team, Freshman of the Year
Brady Lamborne—GSAC All-Conference Team
Graham Neely—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Freshman Team
Zach Molin—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Freshman Team
Kent Hagan—GSAC All-Academic Team
Jeremy Driver—GSAC All-Academic Team
Charlie Lane—GSAC Coach of the Year


Women’s Tennis

Amanda Thomley—Team Captain Award
Riley Prescott—Most Valuable Player
Katie West—Most Improved Award
Nicole Weldon—Academic Excellence Award

Additional Women's Tennis Honors

Riley Prescott—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Amanda Thomley—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Nicole Weldon—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Academic Team
Kristin McDaniel—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC All-Freshman Team
Katie West—GSAC All-Academic Team
Brandy Milstead—GSAC All-Academic Team
Hannah Lee Dickinson—GSAC All-Academic Team
Alex Dyer—GSAC All-Academic Team



Emily Hand—Hustle Award
Jessica Sharker—Most Improved Player
Clare Shannon—Offensive Most Valuable Player
Farren Ancar—Defensive Most Valuable Player
Ashley Neely—Academic Excellence Award

Additional Volleyball Honors

Farren Ancar—GSAC All-Conference Team, GSAC Libero of the Year, GSAC All-Academic Team
Kayla Schuran—GSAC All-Conference Team, Division III National Blocks Leader
Clare Shannon—GSAC All-Freshman Team
Christine Whiten—GSAC All-Freshman Team
Taryn Donnelly—GSAC All-Academic Team
Ashley Neely—GSAC All-Academic Team
Emily Hand—GSAC All-Academic Team
Carrie Cabaniss—GSAC All-Academic Team
Julie Wahl—GSAC All-Academic Team



Jenna Parish—Hawks Spirit Award
Catherine Naylor—Most Improved Award
Taura Powell—Coach's Award
Lindsay Dennis—Academic Excellence Award