Huntingdon men’s lacrosse falls to Shorter in final game of the season

Huntingdon men’s lacrosse falls to Shorter in final game of the season

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Huntingdon men's lacrosse team closed out its second season with a 10-9 loss to Division II Shorter University on Saturday.

Huntingdon (7-8) led by a goal late in the third period before Shorter (7-7) rallied and took the lead early in the fourth period. While the loss was disappointing, it was a marked improvement over last season's 21-2 loss to Shorter.

Despite falling just short of a winning record, the Hawks showed consistent improvement all season and were competitive in every game. Three of Huntingdon's losses this season were decided by a single goal.

"This game was not the final result we wanted but it was a hard fought game and very reflective of our season," Huntingdon men's lacrosse coach Andrew Carey said. "We were very close all year and the effort and experience we showed gives me tons of confidence as we move forward with our program. I am extremely proud of the effort these men showed all season and proud of the major steps we have taken to continue raising the bar."

Anthony Rovetto and Jakob Works each scored three goals and had one assist for Huntingdon on Saturday. Works, a freshman, finished the season with a school-record 44 goals.

Mike Kasmarik scored two goals and Brandon Sewell had one goal, two assists, seven ground balls and won nine faceoffs. Davis Dalton had one assist and goalie Kristian Smith recorded nine saves and had five ground balls.