Huntingdon splits with Millsaps and Tougaloo

Huntingdon splits with Millsaps and Tougaloo

By Audrianna Hargitt

Sports Information Assistant


JACKSON, Miss. – The Huntingdon women's tennis team lost to Millsaps College and defeated Tougaloo College on Sunday. 

The Lady Hawks fell to Millsaps 7-2 and beat Tougaloo 9-0.

Against Millsaps, the No. 2 doubles team of Caroline McBroom and Heather Tabor won 8-3. Zoya Robinson won 6-2, 6-1 at No. 3 singles.

Against Tougaloo, the Lady Hawks won five singles matches. Huntingdon won the remaining individual matches by forfeit.

The singles winners for Huntingdon were Kacy Howard (No. 1), McBroom (No. 2), Clayton Waring (No. 3), Lucy Burch (No. 4) and Kacey Stephens (No. 5)

Howard won 8-2. McBroom, Waring, Burch and Stephens each won 8-0.


Records: Huntingdon (6-1); Millsaps (5-2); Tougaloo (Not Available)

Coming Up: Huntingdon travels to Point University on March 15 for a 3 p.m. match.


Match Results



No. 1: Grace Gaskins (MS) def. Josie Waddell (HC) 6-0, 6-1

No. 2: Ella Shields (MS) def. Kacy Howard (HC) 6-2, 6-2

No. 3: Zoya Robinson (HC) def. Morgan Jenkins (MS) 6-2, 6-1

No. 4: Jillian Sandoz (MS) def. Heather Tabor (HC) 6-4, 6-0

No. 5: Tori Barbier (MS) def. Caroline McBroom (HC) 6-2, 6-2

No. 6: Natalie Toups (MS) def. Clayton Waring (HC) 6-2, 6-1



No. 1: Gaskins-Maggie Dabadie (MS) def. Waddell-Robinson (HC) 8-4

No. 2: Tabor-McBroom (HC) def. Sandoz-Reya Hayek (MS) 8-3

No. 3: Toups- Jordyn Kanak (MS) def. Lucy Burch-Kacey Stephens(HC) 8-4



Match Results



No. 1: Kacy Howard (HC) def. Jas Barrow (TC) 8-2

No. 2: Caroline McBroom (HC) def. Tia Jackson (TC) 8-0

No. 3: Clayton Waring (HC) def. Brandi Winters (TC) 8-0

No. 4: Lucy Burch(HC) def. Ashley Ruiz (TC) 8-0

No. 5: Kacey Stephens (HC) def. Melissa Creese (TC) 8-0

No. 6: Did not play


Doubles - Did not play